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Sharpen Your Mind

Top 5 Tools to Sharpen Your Mind

If you want to stay sharp well into your eighties and nineties, you need to be consistently and actively using your brain.

adult diaper change

Useful Tips On Adult Diaper Change

Some older adults may suffer from urinary problems and weakened bladders that result in uncontrolled urinary discharges, and they often […]

Caregiver Stress

Self Care for Caregivers

Baby Boomers Must Remember To Take Care of Themselves When Caring For Their Parents

Wrong Medication
Aging In Place

The Wrong Medication?

Normally you go to the doctor because you don’t feel well. You expect your doctor to perform a checkup, maybe […]


Keep Your Mind Young

Aging brings many physical changes to your body. Wrinkles appear, you gain weight without trying very hard, and you’re not […]