Micronutrients for Aging Adults

As we age, the importance of micronutrients becomes very important. Older adults’ appetites and activity levels usually decrease at this time. This can lead to a decreased intake of food which might cause a deficiency in vitamins or minerals that are needed for normal life activities. It can lead you to be susceptible to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis among others.

Functional GummiesImportance of Micronutrients for Seniors

As you age, your body’s needs for certain nutrients will change. Older adults may be lacking in certain micronutrients due to changes in their diets or lifestyle.
Commonly deficient micronutrients for seniors include vitamins A, B12, C, D, E and K; calcium; iron; zinc; and magnesium. These micronutrients play an important role in helping the body function properly and helping to prevent diseases that come with the aging process.

It is important for seniors to make sure they are getting enough of these essential micronutrients in their diet, either through food or supplements.  Aging changes your body’s ability to absorb and process certain nutrients.

For example, calcium absorption is inhibited in older adults due to lower levels of vitamin D. Also, the decrease in muscle mass that naturally occurs with aging affects how quickly the body can metabolize certain nutrients.

Additionally, supplementation with certain nutrients may be necessary to ensure you’re getting the right amount of each nutrient as you age. By understanding how aging affects your nutritional needs and making sure you’re getting the right amount of each nutrient, you can help keep your body healthy and avoid the illnesses that typically come with aging.

This is where functional gummies can make a difference.

Functional Gummies and Candyceuticals

Gummies are a popular candy made from gelatin. People enjoy gummies for several reasons—the texture is pleasing, they melt at body temperature, and release flavor quickly. They have also become popular as a method to deliver nutritional supplements for the same reasons.

Gummies are sometimes referred to as candyceuticals which are a type of nutritional supplement made from natural, healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and herbs. They come in the form of candy or gummies and can provide important nutrients to help meet your daily nutrient needs.

They are easy to use since they taste like candy and can be eaten anywhere. Some candyceuticals are specifically formulated for seniors and contain ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C, or other essential vitamins or minerals. Candyceuticals can help older adults fill any nutrient gaps they may have in their diets and provide a convenient way to get the nutrients they need. Here is a list of some gummies that are beneficial to older adults:

Functional Gummies for Aging Adults

Nature’s Way Alive! Men’s Gummy Multivitamins, High Potency Formula, Supports Healthy Aging

Nature’s Way Alive! Women’s 50+ Gummy Multivitamins, Essential Vitamins & Minerals, Supports Healthy Aging*, Vegetarian, Mixed Berry Flavored

Zhou Nutrition Elder-Mune Sambucus Elderberry Gummies with Zinc and Vitamin C

Zhou Nutrition Vitamin D3 K2 Gummies, Bone and Heart Health Formula 5000 IU Vitamin D3 & 90 mcg Vitamin K2, Max Strength 2 in 1 Immune Support and Calcium Absorption, Gluten Free, Strawberry

Collagen Gummies Type 1 and 3 Hydrolyzed Multi Collagen - Support for Hair, Skin, & Nails - Gummy Vitamins Supplement for Women and Men - Non-GMO Gluten-Free Tropical Flavor


Older adults should take steps to ensure they are getting the right amount of micronutrients in order to stay healthy and prevent diseases. This can be done by eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, taking a multivitamin supplement if needed, and talking to your doctor about any concerns you may have. Functional gummies are a tool that you can use, if necessary. By following these simple tips, you can help keep your body functioning at its best as you age.


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    • Beth
    • December 10, 2022

    Great post. Older bodies just don’t work as well, so it’s incredibly important to supply them with what they need. I know the older I get, the more I can feel that.

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    I think it’s harder to get the right amount of nutrients as we age, so this is a great resource. Supplementation becomes even more important because the elderly tend to lose their appetites and/or focus on eating just a few things.

    • Stephanie
    • December 10, 2022

    Such an informative article. I am intrigued by the gummies – makes getting my nutrients much easier (especially days when my diet is lacking!).

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    We are not getting younger. Its true that as we get older, we need supplements like these to stay healthy!

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    Such important information to keep in mind as we age. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of micronutrients.

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    You are right as we get older looking after our bodies and making sure we get the right nutrients is very important.

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    Surely as we age, we need to make sure to stay healthy and be careful. This is interesting about the micronutrients.

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    This is interesting. I had no idea we have these gummies for adults already. I would love to get some for myself and my mom who’s already a senior.

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    This is a helpful article for people like me who are in the same age group as you are. Thanks for sharing.

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