Invacare Safe Bathing Experience

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With the rise of new and better technology, there are more innovative and attractive products available to provide safety in the bathroom. Bath lifts that gently and safely lower and raise a person into a bathtub in particular are growing in popularity. Enjoy the freedom, independence, luxury and therapy of bathing with a bath lift.

Invacare Rio Bath Lift —> Buy Here

Invacare Suction Cup Grab Bar —> Buy Here

Invacare Clamp on Raised Toilet Seat —> Buy Here

Invacare Hand Held Shower Kit —> Buy Here

Invacare I-Fit Shower Chair —> Buy Here

Multi-position and comfortable lift chairs from experts like Pride, Golden Tech, Med-Lift, etc. not only provide reclining benefits but also complement your home décor with vibrant colors and style.


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