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Does music relieve pain?
Pain Relief

Does Music Reduce Pain?

Music is said to calm the savage beast, but does music reduce pain? Medicine has come to realize that pain relief is key in how fast the body heals from injury.

Chronic Joint Pain
Health Challenge

Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain can be caused by any number of reasons. Sometimes there is an infection of the body, and […]

Chronic Back Pain
Pain Relief

Exercise To Relieve Chronic Back Pain

When your back is hurting, the last thing you feel like doing is exercising, but there is a school of […]

green lipped mussel

Green Lipped Mussel for Arthritis

More and more people are turning to natural remedies for inflammation of joints. This is largely due to the side […]

Knee Pain
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Aching Knees

Aching knees can have causes that aren’t due to an underlying illness. Some causes are extreme physical activity, sitting for […]