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Tips To Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Before resorting to invasive, expensive, and potentially harmful surgery, why not try to relieve back pain naturally? As people continue to spend most of their time sitting down, complaints of back pain continue to rise. We spend hours sitting on a commute to work and then sitting at a desk in front of a computer, but all that sitting actually stresses the spine more.

Sitting tightens and shortens the hip flexor muscles which affect how the pelvis rotates and increases the load on the lower back. The gluteal muscles, meanwhile, stretch out, but they’re not being used so they turn off and get weaker — flabbier — from sitting.

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Nutritional Supplements To Relieve Back Pain Naturally

If you want to avoid expensive physical therapy or surgery, try relieving back pain naturally. One thing you can do is to take a nutritional supplement like magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant. Your body uses magnesium for many processes so you’ll be helping yourself by including this mineral in your diet.

Another supplement you may want to consider is Celadrin which is made of naturally occurring fatty acids that will lubricate joints and help relieve tight muscles. You can also find Celadrin in muscle rubs in creams. It doesn’t sting or burn and is anti-inflammatory with has no known side effects.

Topical Solutions To Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made use of herbs and oils for thousands of years with safe and proven results, so if you’re looking for a topical remedy that won’t do damage to your skin or leave toxins in your body, try a Chinese medicated oil to relieve back pain naturally.

These types of oils are popular with people who practice martial arts, and they know a thing or two about pain relief. 

Using ice packs and heating pads are also a great way to relieve back pain. Modern heating pads use infrared light energy that heat objects by direct light conversion – a process that directly warms the object, not the surrounding air. FIR heat is so safe that neonatal care units now use infrared heating systems to keep infants warm.

Most people will resort to the heating pads but will forget about the ice pack. While the heating pad is more comfortable than the ice pack, the ice pack does a great job of reducing the swelling and inflammation.

If the pain is new (whether due to injury or overuse), use ice packs for 10 minutes every hour for the first day and then 3 times per day for the next two days. After that switch to heat to relax the muscles that might be tense and relieve back pain. Using heat too early could make the swelling and inflammation worse.

Another thing that people have success with is an exercise ball. You could actually use it as a chair and it will help you with good posture and give you a platform on which to do intermittent exercises and stretches.

One of the most beneficial stretches to relieve back pain using an exercise ball will be to drape yourself over the ball, facing it. Wrap yourself around it with your knees and feet on the floor. As you are draped over the ball, shrug your shoulders pushing them forward.

There are many alternative therapies and self-care techniques that you can try. Give your body a chance to heal itself before committing to solutions that are more invasive.

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