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How To Relieve The Pain Of A Pinched Nerve

As our culture continues to spend most of its time sitting down, we are finding it more necessary to relieve back pain. We spend hours in a commute to work, hours upon hours sitting at a desk. We stay glued in front of a computer at work or home and then finish it all off with sitting in front of the TV. Then we go to bed eventually and wake up in the morning not feeling very refreshed or renewed, our backs still aching. That’s when we decide we need to find a way to relieve back pain.

If the pain is constant and sharp, you should probably go see the doctor. There could be a sign of a more serious problem going on that left untreated could bring about more permanent damage and further lingering pain. If you are prescribed something to help relax you or help with the pain, make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions exactly and that you keep it and all medications locked away and safe from any children in the home.

You might also want to see your chiropractor to see if a minor adjustment can help take the pressure off the pinched nerve. Many times relief can be experienced quickly.

Taking an anti-inflammatory of some kind regularly can help lessen the pain and keep you from experiencing it so frequently. More than that, it can help control the inflammation that causes the pinched nerve to cause you pain. If you can remember to take it every day, whether you are experiencing pain or not, it can help to keep it under control.

Applying hot or cold compresses can help control the pain as well. Heat therapy will work better for some people than others and cold will work in some people that heat doesn’t. You should try both to see which one works better. Apply it to the effected area and keep it there until the pain and inflammation has dissipated.

Be careful how you move and what you move. There could be certain movements you make that will make the situation worse. Until you find out what triggers it or makes it hurt, try to avoid making any sudden or jerky moves or twists of body parts that might involve that area. If you have to lift something, make sure that you utilize proper lifting techniques and get help if the object is even slightly beyond what you are comfortable lifting.

A gentle massage will sometimes help take away some of the pressure and tension that makes a pinched nerve so painful and might even help to take away the inflammation. There are instances where it would be good to find a massage therapist to help deal with the pain and help ease up the muscles and tension surrounding the pinched nerve. It could be that your partner or family member will be able to provide you with a little massage that will help alleviate the pain. There are some moments and areas that you can reach yourself.

Learning certain breathing and relaxation techniques can help to decrease the tension and also help with pain management.

When trying to find how to relieve the pain of a pinched nerve, don’t stress over it. Try one of these suggestions and give yourself a break from the pain.


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