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rheumatoid arthritis

Diet and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Although there is no specific “arthritis diet,” customizing your diet by eliminating sugar and excess starch from your diet. Did you know that if you’re deficient in minerals, your body will look for what it needs by stealing calcium from the bones and teeth. Since calcium is the primary mineral used to neutralize high acid in the cells, we could be left with “toxic” minerals, because there’s not enough calcium to fight them off. This can also lead to osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, and even hardening of the arteries.

limited mobility
Aging Into Disability

Help For Seniors With Limited Mobility

As a senior, you may have to deal with a condition that leaves you dependent on others for your daily […]


Pycnogenol to Slow Aging

Pycnogenol an herb that is a powerful anti-oxidant, that reduces free-radical tissue damage and is much more effective than vitamin […]

Autodrop Eyedropper Aid
In Home Medical Supplies

Autodrop Eye Drop Dispenser

The Autodrop Eye Drop Guide clips into place over most eye drop bottles and positions the bottle at the correct […]

quit sugar

Sugar Addict? Here’s How To End Your Craving For Sweets

Although sugar has become a mainstay in our daily diet, sugar is not your friend. There are plenty of reasons […]