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3 Must-Take Supplements to Reduce Inflammation

Which supplements reduce inflammation? Enter the term ‘inflammation’ in any search engine and you’ll probably see tons of articles telling you to take some fish oil. There is a good reason for this. Fish oil is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which are powerful and anti-inflammatory.

supplements reduce inflammation

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However, much of the value gets lost because manufacturers of most off-the-shelf products do not tell you how to store the supplements properly. If exposed to heat for prolonged periods, they can easily lose their value within days.

Moreover, fish oil doesn’t work for everyone. Everything we put into our bodies invokes a highly individual response. So, if you can’t seem to bring down your inflammation using fish oil Omega-3 acids, or if you’re vegetarian, you might want to try these alternatives.


Everybodyís best friend these days, turmeric is famed for its anti-inflammatory properties. The root has been used in India for thousands of years for exactly that purpose. Many people make one crucial mistake when they ingest turmeric ñ they labor under the notion that including it in your cooking or making a tea from it is sufficient.

That will have virtually no effect–apart from a possible placebo one–in reducing inflammation. The key anti-inflammatory ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, but there is simply no way you can consume enough turmeric through your diet to get an effective amount of curcumin.

Instead, you should try curcumin capsules. Makers of these supplements have isolated curcumin so that each dose is highly concentrated. Consult your family doctor for medical-grade brands and track the progress by keeping a pain and inflammation diary.

Rosehip Vitamin C

Once again, a folk medicine remedy takes center-stage to modern-day wellness. A high dose of Rosehip Vitamin C has been proven to reduce inflammation, particularly in those with arthritis. Itís so named because our hunting forefathers bred gun dogs, many of whom were prone to hip problems, making them unfit for work.

They saw that villagers used an extract of the dog-rose plant to treat joint pains in their own animals and so a humble, readily available remedy made its grand entrance into the manor.

It is worth noting that the usual citrus-based Vitamin C supplements will not achieve the same effect ñ it is the Rosehip in particular which is known to have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, especially on the joints.

Willow Bark

If willow bark sounds at all familiar, itís because aspirin is famously derived from it. It is commonly extracted from the white willow tree, but it can also be sourced from other types of willows. Sometimes, supplements contain a combination of bark from different types of willow.

Willow bark was acknowledged by Hippocrates, who is considered the father of Western medicine. Some researchers say that there are records of willow barkís benefits in ancient Chinese scripts. So, this remedy has been around for a long time.

Besides a long list of beneficial effects, including aiding weight loss, willow bark is an excellent way to relieve inflammation. If you’re used to popping an aspirin to manage inflammation-related pain, your tummy might be feeling the worse for it since aspirin has significant gastrointestinal side effects. Willow bark is safer option to get the benefits without the negative side effects.

Before you start taking willow bark, do consult your doctor as it could interact badly with a medication you may be currently taking, or have undesirable effects on pre-existing conditions.

In fact, itís best to consult your family doctor before taking any supplements. He or she will be able to assess whether they are safe for you. Remember: just because something is natural, doesnít mean you can ingest huge amounts of it without adverse effects to your body.

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