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Different Types of Bursitis

When some type of medical condition or physical injury causes the bursa to become irritated or inflamed, it is referred to as a condition called bursitis. The bursa is soft fluid-filled sacs that help to provide padded protection to the tendons, bones, and muscles it rests between. There are quite a few different problems that can result in bursitis and they are as follows — 


Causes of Bursitis

  • Trauma
  • Many different types of physical injuries
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Infections
  • Gout
  • Overuse of joints that is chronic

There is a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort that is often associated with the symptoms commonly experienced with bursitis. There are also a few other symptoms that a person may also endure with this type of problem and they include the following —

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Natural Bursitis Remedy

  • The tendons, joints, and muscles that are affected by this condition will often cause a large amount of tenderness to the area that is located in the area affected will often be quite tender
  • Moving the affected joints will often become very difficult
  • Swelling of the bursa will often occur which is usually what leads a restriction in movement of the joints that are affected
  • To name the joints of the body that this type of condition can cause problems with includes the hands, feet, shoulders, knees, wrists, and elbows.

Types of Bursitis that are Commonly Suffered

This is a painful condition that can affect several different areas of the body. The specific symptoms a person might suffer depend on a great deal on the area of the body this condition occurs. A few of these are as follows —

Ankle Bursitis

The medical term that is used to describe this condition is retrocalcaneal bursitis. When inflammation is caused to the bursa that is located in the ankle and close to the Achilles tendon, this is the type of bursitis that occurs. Ice skaters, women, and young athletes are frequently the people that suffer from this form of bursitis. In most cases, it is caused by excessive walking or when shoes of poor design are worn. This also includes high heels.

Shoulder Bursitis

Subdeltoid bursa is the medical term used for this form of bursitis. When this kind of injury is suffered it causes the supraspinatus tendon to become separated from the deltoid muscle and the boneís top layer. Pain from this injury is usually felt in the shoulderís front or side portion as swelling begins. Other symptoms include redness, increased levels of pain during the night, localized tenderness, and mobility that is restricted.

Kneecap Bursitis

Also referred to as prepatellar bursitis, this condition affects the kneecapís front portion, and it normally occurs from chronic trauma or when the knee has suffered a severe blow. Simple movements like walking or kneeling can cause an extreme amount of pain. It can take anywhere from 7 to 10 days for inflammation of the knee to occur.

Elbow Bursitis

Known as the most common type, olecranon or elbow bursitis occurs when there is inflammation of the elbowís bursa. This kind of bursitis frequently occurs from repetitive movements such as extending or twisting the joint and repeated direct trauma. Movement with this type of injury is often restricted, and it can also cause inflammation and a large amount of discomfort.

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