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Medical, Financial & Legal Planning

Thinking about end-of-life matters generally brings to mind thoughts about funerals and final resting places. That’s certainly part of the equation but outside of sudden death, there’s probably going to be more to face before you die. Preparing for your end-of-life needs happens long before you are sick or have an accident. 

Estate Planning

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Estate Planning 101

  • A will or trust
  • Life insurance
  • An advance directive
  • A designated medical decision-maker
  • Additional income sources outside of retirement
  • Successor guardians for dependents 

Protecting yourself legally, financially, and medically is an important step towards making sure things are in order and you benefit from your pre-planning. How? 

  • By avoiding burdening your family with making difficult decisions for you
  • By preventing your estate from going into probate
  • By securing care and comfort for an illness, accident, or hospice
  • By ensuring your children or dependents are protected and provided for if you die
  • By providing income to your family for their wellbeing
  • By making sure someone you trust manages your health care if you are injured or sick

Rocket LawyerThese are simply a few of the important safeguards that should be in place to protect you and your loved ones if something happens to you and you can’t care for them.

This is not an exhaustive list of benefits that planning provides but it does give a healthy snapshot of how many things you can protect and provide by taking time to do some planning.  

You don’t have to make these decisions alone. 

While these are personal and important decisions that you must ultimately make, you don’t have to make them alone. There are professionals whose job it is to help you make and solidify your decisions as well as legally bind them so you are sure to be protected if/when you need them. 

Here’s an idea of who can help: 

Generally, you can make a lot of decisions on your own but you may want some advice from a professional before making a final decision. 

Legal Planning 

  • Will and probate attorneys
  • Trust attorneys

Financial Help

  • Retirement planners
  • Investment planners
  • Insurance agents

Medical Help

  • Primary care physician
  • Funeral/Burial planning professionals

These providers can help you sort through the choices available to you for your legal, financial, and medical needs. From preparing for retirement and earning and saving money to cover care and end-of-life expenses to making sure your wishes are carried out and your estate and your healthcare are managed in the way you desire.

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  1. Mama Maggie's Kitchen says:

    This is definitely a helpful blog. Thank you for sharing this information. Everyone of us must really keep this in mind.

  2. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    These are all really great things to stay in touch with. It is always better to be prepared than caught off guard with something.

  3. Michelle Cantu says:

    Goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t thought about this. Or I have and just push it away. This is a great breakdown, it can be so overwhelming to know where to begin.

  4. This is so important. It’s hard enough to lose someone without having to deal with all of the legal issues that come up from not having a plan in place.

  5. There is a lot of great information here. I think it’s great to make sure to do a lot of planning a head of time. My husband and I have already started.

  6. It is a great feeling when you have those things sorted out. It makes life easier for everyone involved.

  7. This is a very important discussion to have and share. I’m glad that you shared it. I never really thought about the end of life planning topic, but I need to.

  8. I need to start thinking about this. I need to update my will, that’s for sure.

  9. These are the planning decisions that I have been putting off for so long. My husband has a will and our money is invested but we need to get the legal and medical decision making done.

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