Why You Should Wear Diabetic Socks

One of the benefits of wearing diabetic socks is that they help to repel moisture away from your feet. This is especially important as diabetic patients are more likely to suffer from foot ulcers and pain more easily than those without diabetes.

diabetic socks

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A good quality diabetic sock is made without seams to prevent rubbing or chaffing. They are normally wrinkle free and this reduces the chances of blisters forming. Diabetic socks tend to be looser fitting around the top. This helps keep your blood circulation even and allows your foot to maintain its temperature.

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Diabetic socks look no different to a regular pair of socks. They are made from a cotton blend and have a stretch top. Many manufacturers have come up with socks labelled as ‘diabetic socks’ that cost a little more. They come in various styles and colors. Most doctors or podiatrists recommend wearing white socks if you currently have a foot injury. The reason for this is that you can easily tell on the white background if your wound is pussing or oozing. Getting medical attention immediately is important for anyone suffering from diabetes, as foot injuries can quickly become a serious issue.

Keep the following in mind when purchasing your diabetic socks:

  • Moisture control – the socks should be made of a high quality material, there are some new high tech fabrics on the market that help to keep moisture away better than cotton socks.
  • Reduce Pressure – socks that have no seams are less likely to cause pressure on any part of your foot.
  • Reduce Wrinkles – purchase socks which do not wrinkle, the wrinkles can cause irritations on your feet leading to blisters and foot ulcers. Avoid buying socks which are too thick and bulky.
  • Non Binding – your socks should not be too tight, as this could slow down or even stop your blood circulation. You want to choose socks which do not have elastic at the top, but will stay up by themselves.
  • Fitted socks – these are usually more comfortable for diabetes sufferers as they will not bunch up as much. Try experimenting with a few styles to see what feels comfortable on your feet.

Diabetic socks really are the best solution for keeping your feet in excellent condition. As well as being more comfortable and lightweight, these socks are perfect for those with extra sensitive feet. Diabetic socks are found in most department stores alongside regular socks and can also be purchased online for extra shopping convenience.


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