Plantar Fasciitis – Learn What the Best Treatments are for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a common term heard very frequently these days. Millions of people are suffering from plantar fasciitis, with people in their fifties affected the most. This pain is felt in two sections of the foot, under the heel and in the back of the heel.

Treatments Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs due to being overweight and from walking or standing on hard surfaces. However, the most common cause is by wearing ill-fitting shoes. It is extremely important to select a shoe that is the right size and the correct fit for your feet. Keep this in mind the next time you are out shopping for shoes.

Plantar Fascia is a thick tissue connecting your heal to the toes. It is the strong region of the foot which enables the foot to carry our weight and maintain balance. If the foot undergoes abnormal stress due to being overweight, or from walking or running for long distances, it creates a tear in the planar fascia and causes pain.

Plantar fasciitis can be prevented effectively at home and is easy and inexpensive. Avoid doing long walks, running, jumping, or standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces. Avoid bare foot activities. Swimming is a good alternate exercise for running and walking.

Stretching your body and your muscles before doing any exercise is extremely important. you can do a soleus stretch or bicycle stretch. By stretching your body before walking or running, you can make plantar fascia flexible enough to minimize damage.

Maintaining healthy weight is very important to prevent plantar fasciitis. This will reduce the physical load on the plantar fascia. Reduce your weight by eating a healthy diet. Foods containing animal protein and fat such as beef, eggs and pork can be replaced by low fat healthy foods such as beans, nuts, lean chicken, vegetables, fruits.

Wearing appropriate shoes is also essential in preventing plantar fasciitis. Avoid using shoes which are completely flat and provide no foot support. Select a shoe which has a strong heel and good flexibility in the front and which allows the toes to move easily and naturally.

If you are using athletic shoes, replace them frequently. While shopping for shoes, keep in mind that finding shoes that offer support and cushioning is your highest priority. Massaging your feet with ice for 5-10 minutes can help relieve the pain to some extent.

If nothing works, surgery is an option. However, as there are complications involved in plantar fasciitis surgery, it should only be considered as a last resort.

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