Eldercare – This Could Be Your New Career

With improvements in eldercare–health care, nutrition, and prevention–people are living to older ages every year. This exciting change is creating a huge demand for new services in eldercare. If you have never considered a career in providing services to the over 65 crowd you might find these fact interesting.

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The 65 and older population of the United States is estimated to have a buying power approaching 1 TRILLION dollars. Read that again, $1,000,000,000,000.00. All of those zeros should start to open your eyes to the potential in this market.

Currently there are over 36 million Americans over 65 years old. This number is expected to keep growing due to the quality of healthcare. This is a large segment of the total population of the United States. A portion of the population who most commonly will desire more services, and have more needs.

Retirement communities, long-term care facilities, and assisted living centers are being built in record numbers, and are quickly filling up.

Taking these factors into consideration, you might want to consider some of your options for a career in eldercare. This is one of the fastest growing markets in the USA.

Here are some ideas you could explore:Find Care for Adults and Seniors, Save 20%

  • Become a full-time care giver. This career takes a serious commitment in time, and requires taking care of clients who can no longer take care of their own homes, and many times their own personal hygiene needs.
  • Transportation – Many elderly clients choose not to drive any longer. You could provide transportation for elderly residents of retirement centers to their Doctor’s appointments, shopping trips, or any other trips they need.
  • Medical Consulting – Work with senior citizens to help them find the best medical care, the best insurance options, and the lowest price medications. Many elderly citizens no longer understand all of the confusing paperwork, and regulations. They will gladly pay to have these burdens removed from their shoulders.
  • Errand Services – Offering service to do all the shopping, laundry drop-offs and pick-ups, pet walking, and other errands has great potential.
  • Home Services – Often the biggest challenges come at home. They may need help with laundry, house cleaning, minor home repairs, yard work, and other items.
  • Day-Time Senior Care – This often takes two forms, in-home care when the rest of the family must be away is the first option. The second option is running a Senior Day Care facility. This allows the families to bring their elderly family member in for the day while they are away at work. You take care of food preparation, coordinating drives to Doctor’s appointments, and all of the necessary daytime events. The biggest difference, you will have a staff of employees, and many clients in the same facility.

These few ideas just scratch the surface of the opportunities in eldercare. Take some time to explore the many ideas, and you will soon discover this market has very high potential. It is one of the fastest growing markets, and in desperate need of talented new entrepreneurs.

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