Can Simple Caregiver Forms Relieve Stress?

Making use of caregiver forms is a relatively simple way to avoid some of the stress associated with keeping track of another person’s life. One of the most stressful things about being a caregiver is documenting activities related to another person’s care. Your day can be hectic, so record-keeping related to doctor’s appointments, medications, and daily schedule may be put off or forgotten; however, this type of information is crucial and needs to be accurately detailed.

caregiver forms

Caregiver forms are probably the best way to record your activities and those of the person you care for. Using random pieces of paper is not professional or the best way to consistently record what’s going on. Having to recall this information later will only stress you out so it’s better to record it at the time it happens on a form specifically made for the job.

Here are 5 ways caregiver forms can help you avoid caregiver stress:

1. Medication Errors

Ever forget pills or other medication? With all the things you have to do in a day, you may find yourself wondering if you already gave medication for the day . . . or was that yesterday? If there are multiple caregivers, each of you may be thinking the other one did it. These kinds of errors are totally eliminated with a simple medicine chart.

2. Proof of Service

If you are a professional caregiver, making use of caregiver forms provides evidence that you’re giving the service you’re contracted to give. There’s no better way than through good recordkeeping. Simple forms showing what you did and when you did it are one of the best ways to show you’re doing your job.

3. Request Additional Funding or Staff

If you’re routinely going above and beyond what you’re required to do or able to do, the best way to support a request for additional funding or staff is to document it. You’re doing yourself and the person you care for a disservice if you don’t. When you’re overburdened, it won’t help anyone.

4. Needs Assessment

Families that need to set up a caregiving situation first need to assess what kind of support is needed. Using a worksheet to document which daily living activities need support is a good way to start the process.

5. Appointment Information

People who have need of a caregiver are often under a doctor’s care. If there are multiple health conditions, this often means multiple doctors and possibly physical therapy. It’s best to track appointments using a form in order that they are not missed.

Many studies point out that caregivers are a very highly stressed group that is at risk for stress-related illnesses. One way to reduce stress is to use caregiver forms and checklists to document and keep track of anyone in your care. It eliminates the stress associated with having to double-check and backtrack when you’re asked to provide information.


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