Useful Tips On Adult Diaper Change

Some older adults may suffer from urinary problems and weakened bladders that result in uncontrolled urinary discharges, and they often need diapers just as babies do. If you are a caregiver, here are some tips on how to do an adult diaper change.

adult diaper change

An adult diaper is crucial for incontinent adults to give them some form of comfort and peace of mind against embarrassing situations. Even some pregnant women find it necessary to wear them because there are times when babies in the womb compress the mother’s bladder causing some leakages. An adult diaper, like any other diaper, has to be changed whenever it is wet or dirty.

When Should an Adult Diaper Be Changed?

When an adult diaper becomes too wet, it irritates the skin and often causes rashes and foul odor, just as with a baby diaper. To keep this from happening, an adult  diaper change should happen once it has absorbed dirt or liquid. People who need to wear diapers due to urinary problems should have their diapers changed as soon as they awake. While some adults are capable of changing their own diapers, there are many who require assistance in this task. This is especially true with those who are physically and mentally disabled.

Adult Diaper Change

How to Change an Adult Diaper

An adult diaper change is somewhat similar to that of a baby’s, although a bit more challenging. First, the diaper should be the appropriate size and should be easily fitted and closed securely at the waist. A well-fitted adult diaper is not only comfortable to wear, but can also prevent leaks while worn.

A soiled diaper is first removed by detaching the sticky or velcro tabs on its sides. Unlike a baby’s diaper, which you can just pull off, you need to exercise extra care when doing it with an adult’s diaper. While a baby’s diaper can be changed without much effort, an adult diaper change can be more complicated. The following are some helpful tips to properly change an adult diaper:

  • Roll the wearer gently to one side away from you. Fold the diaper inward in such a way that the wetness or stain is inside the fold. Make sure it does not unfold back.
  • Roll the wearer this time to the opposite side as far as possible over the folded diaper and pull the diaper gently out. If it does not come out easily, tuck the folded diaper further in and roll him again to the opposite side and pull the diaper out.
  • When the diaper is properly taken off, use baby wipes or warm water and soap to clean the diaper area thoroughly. Make sure the skin is completely dry before putting a fresh diaper on. Use powder or lotion to soothe the skin and prevent chafing.
  • To put a fresh diaper on, roll the wearer to one side as far as possible and slip the new diaper under him, making sure the diaper is more or less centered once the wearer lies on his back.
  • Roll the wearer back over the diaper and pull the diaper through, making sure it is evenly positioned on both sides, and fasten the tabs securely.

Although an adult diaper change is tricky at first, you can be efficient at the task with patience and sufficient practice.

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  1. Adult Diaper Change can be very difficult. Thanks for your tips. It’s very valuable and helpful especially for those in health and caregiving sector.

  2. I just saw the video and it was very informative. I know some of my family members are getting older I never thought about being a personal caregiver but if I had to I would consider it.

  3. Eileen M Loya says:

    I changed my husband’s diapers when he needed to use them after his hip surgery. Then when my mom was at end-stage cancer and was bed-ridden, I was also the one who changed her diapers. It is easy once you get to learn the technique. 🙂

  4. Aaaahhhh….I have heard of adult diapers but I had never known how to administer them. Good stuff to know, eeh!

  5. Oh wow, this was a post on a subject I never though I would read 😀

  6. Interesting information! I never really thought about it that much. Good to know!

  7. I have adult clients that has uncontrolled urinary discharges. They usually wear briefs and change it regularly. Good intructions on how to change the diapers.

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