Senior Parents Living Alone

Whether you are a senior looking to prolong your own independence, or you are a caregiver searching for ways to alleviate your worries about leaving your aged or infirm loved ones home by themselves, a home Emergency Response System may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.
seniors living alone
With so many systems to choose from and such an important goal at stake, choosing one that fills your needs and fits your budget can be an imposing task.

The following few questions are just a few you should ask about each potential service you encounter to ensure that the one you choose will benefit you in the ways you need it to.

Is the service staffed by trained professionals twenty-four hours a day?

Having a real, live person on the other end of the line to contact Emergency Services, inform appropriate caregivers, and stay on the line until help arrives is extremely important. In times of crisis, you don’t want to rely upon a service that uses automated responders or is staffed by people who are under-qualified or poorly trained.

Is the equipment provided to you of quality?

911 Emergency Phone Guardian Alert It’s hard to tell if an electronic device is worth the money you pay for it. One way of ensuring it is defect-free is to look for UL (Underwriters Laboratories) trademark on the device. This ensures that the device’s design has been examined and is of sound construction.

Another benefit often overlooked is the portable call buttons such services offer. Is it convenient to use? Some services offer different styles of button that can be worn as pendants, on watch straps, or on belt clips. Also, be sure to ask if the device is waterproof. The household is full of water hazards (such as toilets, flower pots, and sinks) that may impede the functioning of any unprotected device.

Does the service guarantee the quality of their products and services?

Look for a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Be sure to read the fine print and see how much of a hassle (or how hassle-free) getting your money back would be if you need to. Also, if there isn’t a guarantee, ask yourself why.

Are there any long-term contracts you need to sign?

One of the most distasteful things that can happen to a person is being locked into a year or longer contract with a service they don’t like or need and facing stiff penalties if they cancel early. Some services offer monthly payment plans and no-fee cancelation policies. It might be good to look for one that does.

Are payment plans available that fit your budget?

Often times, such services only offer one payment option. Some however offer multiple options that can save you money if you let them. Also, are there any incidentals offered such as free shipping or AARP discounts? Savings could be considerable; watch for them.

Senior Parents Living Alone

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