Home Remedies for Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is an irritating condition that generally affects the legs, causing such an extreme urge to move them that it’s practically impossible to resist.

restless leg syndromeThe actual cause of restless leg syndrome is not known, however, there are several health conditions that seem to bring about its symptoms. There is also a variety of prescription drugs physicians often treat this condition.

The medicine they prescribe will usually depend on the specific problem they believe has triggered the onset of the RLS symptoms. Some of the most common include an iron deficiency, pregnancy, various neurologic conditions, Parkinson’s disease, and conditions of the kidneys.

One big problem many people find with drugs that are prescribed for RLS is they can cause the additional worry of side effects and drug interactions. This is why more and more people are relying on home remedies to treat symptoms of RLS they experience.

Effective Home Remedies that Reduce RLS Symptoms

Every person is different and the home remedies that one person finds relief with may not be nearly as effective for the next person. It may be necessary to try several different remedies before finding the one that provides you the best relief. You may even find more success if you try several of the remedies listed below in combination with one another.

Alternate the use of hot and cold packs

This is a technique that helps to increase the flow of blood circulating in the legs, which can reduce RLS symptoms. If you find little relief with hot packs or a heating pad, soak your legs in a cold bath for a couple of minutes. You can also wring out a few towels that have been soaked in cold water and place them over the legs.

Increase the amount of iron you take

A deficiency of iron is frequently the cause of the bothersome symptoms of RLS. There are several vitamin supplements that contain iron, just as there are several food products that are rich in iron. Some of these would include turkey, oysters, various breakfast cereals, and beef.

Avoid stressful situations

Stress tends to bring on the symptoms of RLS. Therefore, avoiding situations that cause an excessive amount of stress can help a great deal In decreasing symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Different types of relaxation techniques are often great for relieving stress. Some of these would include moderate amounts of exercise, meditation, massage, yoga, and deep breathing. Taking up a new hobby can also be helpful.

Decrease your intake of caffeinated beverages

Try to reduce or completely eliminate beverages containing caffeine from your diet, as they have been known to trigger the overwhelming symptoms of RLS. Not only do soft drinks contain caffeine, but so do energy drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate.

A warm bath before bed

If you’ll set aside enough time to take a warm bath before going to bed, it will help the muscles throughout the body to relax.


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