Best Vitamins for Seniors

It seems that baby boomers and dieters are driving a trend in nutritional supplements — and there is much overlap between the two. The sale of nutritional supplements is on an upswing rising to $233.6 million in sales for just a two-week period in April, according to ACNielsen sales data.Best Vitamins for Seniors

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The vitamin industry is a thriving business. Many seniors take vitamins in an effort to improve their health, but there is much debate as to the best vitamins for seniors.

Senior Multivitamins

The aging baby boomer generation continues to drive new customers to the dietary supplement aisles–especially those in search of joint health products such as collagen and heart herbal supplements such as Hawthorn berries.

Fish oil is another popular choice as it contains the essential fatty acids good for so many things–-reducing joint inflammation, mental health, diabetes, osteoporosis, and eye health.

Ideally, all of our vitamins and minerals should come from dietary sources. Unfortunately, few of us eat a diet that gives us everything we need each day. Often we eat less as we get older, so it’s even more difficult to pack a day’s nutrition into small meals.

In fact, it would take very careful planning to get the recommended daily allowance of every vitamin each day. Add to that the fact that certain health problems lead to an increased importance of specific vitamins, and you can see why taking supplements makes things much easier.

Whole Food Vitamins

Some health food companies have recognized this problem and come up with whole food supplements. These are supplements that use foods in their natural state rather than extracting or synthesizing the vitamins in a lab. They have fewer preservatives and fillers, and they are purported to be more effective than vitamins that are produced in a lab. Yet they provide the vitamins we need in a convenient and easy to use form.

For those who do not eat a healthy diet, a daily multivitamin may be the best bet. It ensures that we do not completely miss out on any single vitamin. But for those who are health conscious, single ingredient vitamins may be a better option.

It is possible to get too much of a good thing. Your body can only use so much of each vitamin each day. And some vitamins can produce side effects if we take too much of them. Too much Vitamin C, for example, can cause nosebleeds and other undesirable effects. So if you keep close tabs on your diet and know how much of each vitamin you’re getting, single ingredient supplements might be a more sensible way to make up the difference on those you do not get enough of.

When seniors can’t or don’t get enough of the vitamins they need from food sources, vitamin supplements can help them get the things they need to stay healthy. But it is important to try to keep tabs on the amounts of vitamins seniors are getting in their diets so that we can make choose the best supplements for seniors. Getting the right amount of each vitamin every day will help an aging body work more efficiently.


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  1. Oh wow I wasn’t aware of that trend and I’m a baby boomer. I do take a multivitamin everyday though.

  2. Hawthorn berries and collagen are essential senior vitamins! I hope to get some for my parents!

  3. Thanks for posting another really informative post, I’ll have to check some of these out for my mom

  4. This post about the best vitamins for seniors is a god send. I was just researching some for my grandmother who was advised buy her doctor to start taking some supplements. Thanks you!

  5. I just forwarded this post to my dad. He needs supplements but he’s so stubborn. I think this will reinsure him. Thanks!

  6. Hhhhmmmm….I haven’t seen these before but I would love to recommend and pass them onto Mama and Jjaaja.

  7. I just sent this to my mom! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. My mom is turning 65 in a few days. She is in good health. She had diabetes, but reversed by eating healthy, working out, and taking vitamins. She loves vitamin D3 and finds that it is so important for her. She also loves magnesium. She was a nurse practitioner for many years of her life and she use to go by the book, but felt like it wasn’t helping her. She basically said everything you said here. A lot of people could really benefit from this blog post. Not just seniors. Wonderful blog as always. Your blog posts are so informative.

  9. A multivitamin is nice sometimes when you aren’t eating right. However, there are so many that its sometimes hard to choose.

  10. Thanks for sharing! My parents are elderly, I know they take a ton of vitamins everyday. I am guessing some of those they take.

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