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Pre-Diabetes Natural Remedies

pre diabetesThe most natural way to manage, control, and sometimes even eliminate pre-diabetes problems is to change what we eat, and increase our activity levels. One of the most critical things we can do to create long term health results is to remove simple sugars and starches from our daily diets. When combined with exercise though, we create a powerful natural remedy for pre-diabetes, and many other health ailments that come with this disease.

Eliminating most sugar and simple starches from our daily diets helps the body start having more normal blood sugar levels. By adding some good proteins and fats too, we’re able to stop the major blood sugar swings from high to low and back again too. Protein and fat intake helps to keep the blood sugar levels much more even and balanced, for many more hours in a day. This one change alone often helps most people with pre-diabetes to start moving towards their weight loss goals in addition to reversing the pre-diabetes condition.

Reverse Your Diabetes in 3 Short Weeks!Losing weight is the second part of the equation though. When you have too much extra body fat, insulin has a much more difficult time reaching your muscles where it’s needed most. When this happens, your body will try to put out even more insulin so that it can be forced into the muscles. If your body is putting out extra insulin to fight the rise in blood sugar levels in addition to putting out extra to try and force some into the muscles, this creates a dangerous mix of poisons in your blood stream. By exercising in ways that help reduce that extra fat though, you’re naturally helping your body to start healing itself and functioning normally.

To help start managing and controlling your pre-diabetes condition more naturally with food and exercise, you should begin by removing as much sugar from your diet as you can. Stop drinking sugared sodas for instance, and this alone can make a huge difference for many people with pre-diabetes. It may take time to get used to artificial sweeteners, but you’ll feel much better within just three to five days of making that one change.

Stop eating foods which have a lot of added sugar in them too. Things like cakes, cookies, pastries and pies should be avoided for the most part. You don’t have to avoid them completely, but you do need to drastically reduce how much of them you eat. This is one of the hardest things to do though. If you avoid them completely, you kill the cravings for those foods completely. If however, you allow yourself to eat them on a limited basis, you’ll find yourself having many more cravings for them when you’re trying to not eat more.

Add high quality proteins, fats, and fiber to your diet to help control cravings and hunger though, because these will help you feel satiated for longer periods of time. Also don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. Keep healthy snacks on hand and try to eat a little of something every few hours.

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