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Hip Protection For the Elderly

Jokes about the elderly and hip replacements are common, but the truth is that fall protection is a major worry for many who are aging. Falls are very common with the elderly because as people age, their gait becomes more unsteady. This susceptibility to falls often results in debilitating injuries such as hip fractures.

Hip Pain

Elderly Fall Protection

The problem of falls is compounded by osteoporosis — a common condition in older adults that weakens bones. Hip fractures,┬áin particular, are troublesome but can be prevented. There are three steps to take in order to reduce the risk of falls and hip fractures.

The first step is to remove clutter in hallways and other areas of the home. Clearly, clutter is a fall waiting to happen. This step is the most inexpensive and preventable measure.

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Installing fall protection systems throughout the home is the second preventive step. Fall protection safety devices like handrails, grab bars, bathroom rails, shower chairs, toilet safety frames, floor cushions, cushioned bath mats, bed rails and even walkers and rollators can prevent falls and are important preventive measures.

Soft Sole Footwear or Soft Sole Socks can reduce slipping falls. Each of these fall protection devices is inexpensive and can reduce the risk of fall injuries to your parents and reduce your exposure to large hospital bills.

Personal fall protection systems or personal protective equipment is the third preventive step. There are a number of personal fall protection devices to choose from. Protective pads or hip pads provide good fall protection. Protection is very inexpensive and effective for most situations.

Most hip fractures are caused by sideways falls, with the impact directly on the side of the hip. External hip protectors or cushioned pads made of special protective and shock-absorbing material rest directly on the hips over the most common impact points.

Padded Hip Protectors

Hip padding has been shown in many scientific studies to be very effective in the prevention of hip fractures in the event of a fall. Foam hip pads come in different styles that can be worn just like regular underwear, or with a crotch-less design that can be worn over regular underwear. The hip protection briefs come are available for women or with fly for men.

There are also special designs available to care for people with incontinence issues which have protective pads in them that can tolerate higher washing temperatures than the regular pads while featuring the same impact protection. This style also has a snap front to make it easy to put them on over adult diapers. The protective hip padding in all styles is low profile so that it can be discreetly worn under the clothing.

These hip protection pads are easily washable in a household laundry washer, and the pads are also replaceable. Hip protector pads are a comfortable and economical way to save pain and discomfort that can be caused by hip fractures.

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