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Personal Security Tips For Seniors

Seniors, like many of us, are taking measures to secure their physical security and safety, especially as they desire to live independently despite the health challenges that come with aging.

Personal Security Tips For Seniors

Home Security for Seniors

One statistic reported that crime rates affecting American senior citizens has decreased during the last decades and are actually lower than news reports make them seem. However, there are simple safety precautions seniors should take to reduce their risk and increase their sense of security in their daily lives.

Consider these tips —

  • Improve your physical security at home. Doors and locks are your first line of defense. Replace any poorly installed or nonfunctioning locks. Make sure that the garage is secured with a quality lock as well.
  • A peephole gives you a wide-angle view of the person on the other side of the door. Don’t open the door to a stranger no matter how urgent it sounds. Ask for identification before opening the door. If someone needs help, leave that person outside while you call emergency services.
  • Good lighting is a great preventative to night time break-ins, so install good exterior lighting.
  • Make sure your house looks busy or normal using light timers when you’re away from home. They’ll mimic your normal habits. Of course you should cancel mail and newspaper delivery for extended periods away from home.
  • Always keep your neighbors contact or phone numbers with you in case of emergency. If you are away on holiday, make sure your neighbor knows your travel plans, scheduled deliveries, and has a contact number for you.
  • Invest in an alarm system. Most security companies offer a number of alarm options, including alarm systems that provide medical alert services. There are many products that can provide medical alert such as the Fall Alert Detector.

Some basic security will go a long way in helping seniors feel safe at home.

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